Services offered:

We offer training with several different options. We have "One on One" sessions, "On Your Own" training and "Small Group" sessions. We train at our gym, The S Club, located in Senoia, Georgia.

Amy is a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach. She is a fitness competitor, model and mother of two. She lives the life daily, understands the demands of a career and family life and trying to stay healthy. One call to her will change your life forever...just ask her clients!


ONE ON ONE: Our most popular plan! You will meet with the trainer and have your initial consultation.  A customized 4 week plan that consist of your weight training, cardio and nutrition will be compiled based on this information. You and your trainer will establish workout time and dates for you to meet and train. The trainer will keep you motivated and on target!

There is a $75.00 registration fee and sessions are as follows:

(These session prices are per month except the 36 sessions which is 3 months of training)


Program design & info session:                       $149.00

3 sessions (1 week) + program:                     $219.00

6 sessions (2 weeks)+ program:                     $309.00

12 sessions (4 weeks)+ program:                   $459.00

36 sessions ( 3 months)+ 3 programs:            $1050.00




ON YOUR OWN: Know your way around the gym and proper form for each exercise?? Self motivated?? After your initial consultation including body fat assessment, current fitness level and your personal goals, a plan will be customized to suit your needs. This will consist of cardio, weights and nutritional plan for the month. The trainer will take body fat measurements to track your progress biweekly or monthly (based on individual needs). You will be held accountable to turn in food logs and pictures. 




SMALL GROUP: Have some friends you would like to workout with? Want to share the cost? We will have an initial consultation, perform an assessment on each of you and establish a workout time. Enjoy cardio and weights with your workout partners while still obtaining a personalized nutrition plan to meet your individual needs. A great encouragement and accountability tool! The cost is a single program fee of $99 (usually split between participants) and $25.00 per session per person.

FOOD SELECTION:  Once a client, another service offered is our Food Selection Service. Your trainer is available to meet with you at your local grocery store to guide you through your food choices and selections for a hands on experience and great start to one of the essential elements of your training...FOOD! The cost is $65.00!


Initial Registration


3 sessions


6 sessions


12 sessions


Program Design+1 session


Small Group/ Per Session/Per Person


Food Selection


Body Fat Assessment Only




Please contact me via email with your contact information upon purchasing the online program.  I will be contacting you for our consultation. If you desire to purchase the one on one program, please contact me so we may arrange an in person consultation. One on one clients may pay via paypal or in person.


Out of state clients need to purchase the "Program and 3 sessions". This includes your complete program, initial phone consultation and review of pics and meal log each week for 4 weeks!